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Home Glam Part I: The Trends

Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman bring their passion for home décor to living rooms across Canada on their new daytime CBC talk show, Steven and Chris. The show covers home décor, health, fashion, food and celebrity, meaning you can find the poised Steven and effusive Chris doing anything from making tea with quirky musician Moby to talking with guests about detox diets, spa products and tarting up grocery store flowers.

The duo took some time out from filming in Toronto to talk with us about the latest trends in home décor; here are their favourites.


Steven: At the Interior Design Show here in Toronto, we saw a lot of things with a sense of humour. Lamps that were overscaled, oversized, things that had a sense of whimsy, furniture that didn’t take itself so seriously.


Steven: There will be lots of bright colours, in pretty well everything. It’s trickled all through from fashion to home décor. Fabrics, wall colours—you name it, it’s bright.
Chris: Pink, blue, orange—you’ll see every single colour that you like.


Chris: We’re getting back into more of a glamorous look. It’s been a very Canadian look in the past; pared down, very classic, everything had an Armani suit kind of a feel. Now you’re seeing it dressed up. Bold is hot. Pattern bold, fabric bold, colour bold, the pieces are big and bold. People want their spaces to make them feel happy.


Steven: If you want to say what the hottest colour is—it’s definitely a bright, what we call Hermès orange.
Chris: You’ll see it on furniture, you’ll see it on desks, you’ll see it on lamps, you’ll see it everywhere.


Steven: The way eco is now, you wouldn’t know it’s eco. We’ve been looking at furniture and things of that nature—sofas where the foam is eco-friendly and the fabric is recycled, cotton that hasn’t been treated with pesticides—and eco is stylish. It is now a way of life. It’s no longer that trend that was limited to just a few people that wanted to save the planet. Now it’s a global responsibility.


Chris: Moroccan, Indonesian we’ve loved all our lives, so I think there’s a place for that in everything. I wouldn’t necessarily decorate my entire room in that style; I would keep the room classic and bring in what we call ‘global modern’ or ‘global eclectic.’ It could be a statue, a table or chair.

Click here to see six examples of “it” pieces in Calgary, selected by local interior decorator Alykhan Velji.—Sally MacKinnon

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