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High Performance Rodeo: 6 Shows You Have to See


Onegin will play at the Max Bell Theatre in Calgary from Jan 5-7 and 9-13. (Photo by David Cooper.)

Looking to get out and experience the best of what Calgary’s other rodeo has to offer? Check out these high-impact performances at the High Performance Rodeo, which stampedes into town January 3-28.

Hot Brown Honey (Jan 3-6)
Selected as the opening performance for this year’s rodeo, this six-woman cabaret act is ready to smash the patriarchy with hip-hop riffs and moves that kill. Empowerment never tasted so sweet!

Onegin (Jan 5-7 and 9-13)
Tchaikovsky’s classic opera is reimagined as a seductive rock-and-roll musical, wherein a tale of unrequited passion unfolds as whimsically as true love itself.

Reassembled, Slightly Askew (Jan 5-7 and 9-13)
This medical drama is enough to put you in the hospital! In this audio performance piece, Shannon Yee invites audience members not only into her hospital bed, but into her own mind. Laying in a hospital gurney, equipped with a blindfold and headphones, viewers (er… listeners) retrace Yee’s disorienting and agonizing personal experience of falling ill with a rare brain infection, slipping into a coma, receiving a life-saving operation and learning to move through the world in a new way after sustaining a brain injury.

Inner Elder (Jan 15 -20 and 22-27)
Bear witness as Calgary actress Michelle Thrush retraces her own true memories, transforming from innocent child to wizened elder as she uses a hilarious study in Indigenous clowning to reflect on the values her grandmother imparted on her.

Hot Brown Honey plays at Theatre Junction Grand from Jan 3-6. (Photo by Dylan Evans.)


Empire of the Son (Jan 16-21 and 23-28)
Former CBC broadcaster Tetsuro Shigematsu examines the powerful love shared between generations as he chronicles a turbulent past with his conservative Japanese father in this one man performance.

True Crime (Jan 23-27)
There’s a fine line between a lie and a performance… or is there? Torquil Campbell is about to find out, taking on the role of 21st century conman and murderer Clark Rockefeller.

For a complete listing of High Performance Rodeo acts, or to view showtimes and purchase tickets, visit hprodeo.ca.

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