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Canadaland Guide to Canada: A Rude Book About a Polite Country


Illustration by Dan Buller, courtesy Canadaland

Illustration by Dan Buller, courtesy Canadaland

Jesse Brown, Canadaland podcast host and publisher, is inviting Canadians to learn more about their history beyond the inspirational narratives Brown says will be abundant during Canada’s 150th birthday year.

In his new satire and comedy book, The Canadaland Guide to Canada, he takes the reader on a journey through Canadian history, politics, and culture to shatter any illusions about Canada as a utopia of maple syrup and rainbows.

Brown promises the reader will find plenty of shocking, funny, and surprising things about Canada.

“It’s a very rude book about a polite country,” Jesse Brown says. “Of course what makes a country interesting is all the nasty stuff, which we’ve got plenty.”

Brown will be performing live across the country to promote the book. He says he doesn’t want to sit and read from his book while on tour, adding that since the book is visual, the show will be too.

He’s going to engage audiences with songs and stories about Canadian cities, amounting to what Brown describes as a “profane TED Talk.” Some fun facts will feature Canada’s first prime minister, John. A. MacDonald, who Brown says was a “raging, raging alcoholic.”

“He drank his way through a successful election campaign,” Brown says. “He was really a blackout drunk throughout his time in office. He was more drunk than most people, but everyone was drunk. It was really cold up here and everyone was hard drinkin’ — that’s the roots of the country.”

For those picking up the book, what really makes the proverbial cherry on top (or gravy on top of the poutine, if you will) is the book’s cover — a reproduction of a Dan Buller painting of Drake cuddling a moose, which is currently hanging in the Canadaland office. What’s more Canadian than that?

Jesse Brown is stopping in Vancouver (May 11), Victoria (May 12), Calgary (May 13), Saskatoon (May 14), Edmonton (May 15), Winnipeg (May 16), Montreal (May 20), Hamilton (May 23), London (May 24), and Kingston (May 26).

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