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Calgary Transit is Getting a Payment System Upgrade

Connect transit fare payment system onboard a Calgary bus.

You may have noticed a strange blue box next to the driver on your morning bus commute. As of the summer 2012, Calgary Transit is getting smart about paying for public transit. Thanks to a $7 million project, users will soon be able to pay their fare by tapping disposable or reloadable “smart cards,” key fobs or e-stickers on Upasses on readers located at CTrain stations and on-board busses. Transit peace offers will be able to check your fares using a handheld terminal.

The best part? You’ll be able to use the MyCONNECT website (once it’s created) to register your card, check your balance and add funds, including an autoload function. Registered users will also protect their balances in case of lost cards.

For more information, visit Calgary Transit.

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