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All Hail Caesar! Caesar Cocktails in Calgary


The classic Caesar at The Keg

The Classic Caesar at The Keg


Did you know that the delicious Caesar cocktail was invented in this very city? Back in 1969, a bar manager by the name of Walter Chell was working at the Westin Calgary when he was asked to create a signature cocktail for the grand opening of the hotel’s Italian restaurant, Marco’s. His creation? That signature spicy blend of clam and tomato juice with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, oregano, vodka, and a celery stick. The Caesar has since become a ubiquitous favourite cocktail of Canadians, and you can find it at most bars in restaurants. Head to one of these great places in Calgary that serve their own unique take on this classic and raise a glass to Chell.

The Keg
If you’re a Caesar purist and only the classic will do, The Keg has you covered, as they serve up a fantastic cocktail with vodka, Worcestershire, tabasco, and their house caesar mix that would make Walter Chell proud.
•4th Avenue: 320 – 4 Ave SW, 403-699-9843. kegsteakhouse.com
•Crowfoot: 130 Crowfoot Terrace NW, 403-208-0220. kegsteakhouse.com

•Macleod: 7104, Macleod Tr SE, 403-253-2534. kegsteakhouse.com
•South Pointe: 100 – 4600, 130 Ave SW, 403-726-1022. kegsteakhouse.com
•Stadium: 1923 Uxbridge Dr NW, 403-282-0020. kegsteakhouse.com

Bring your appetite to National for their glorious Caesar that comes fully loaded with all the classic fixings plus pickle, chorizo, cheddar, and a splash of IPA beer. It almost counts as a full meal!
•8th Avenue: 360, 240 – 8 Ave SW, 403-237-5556. ntnl.ca
•10th Avenue: 341, 10 Ave SW, 403-474-2739. ntnl.ca
•17th Avenue: 550, 17 Ave SW, 403-229-0226. ntnl.ca
•Westhills: 180, Stewart Green SW, 403-685-6801. ntnl.ca


The K/H Caesar at Klein/Harris.

Not a huge fan of the taste of a Caesar? Head to Klein/Harris on Stephen Avenue for something that may change your mind. House-made clam and celery broth are the main ingredients, topped with fresh tomato and pickled celery and carrots. The alcohol comes from Alberta’s first craft distillery, Eau Claire Distillery — pick classic vodka or go with gin to break away from tradition.
•110 – 8 Ave SW, 403-262-8100. kleinharris.com

The caesar at Ki Japanese.

The Caesar at Ki Japanese.

Ki Japanese
Vodka, Shōchū (the national spirit of Japan), a special samurai savoury sauce, and Clamato juice come together in this uniquely delicious Caesar that will surely become a staple favourite for Caesar lovers.
•308 – 4 Ave SW, 403-264-113. kijapanese.com

Craft Beer Market
Swapping out vodka for craft beer, the Craftbeeser is an extra savoury and delicious drink.
•345 – 10 Ave SW, 403-514-2337. craftbeermarket.ca

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