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7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Calgary Dads



Hanson’s Fishing Outfitters is the shopping destination for dads who love the outdoors. Photo: Adele Brunnhofer.

Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for, but these seven papa-approved local shops offer something more than the standard “zany” necktie or drab coffee mug.

#7 Gummi Boutique
If dad has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar one too many times, appease his sweet tooth at Gummi Boutique for novelty and imported candy, as well as vanilla soda and Cherry Coca-Cola. Custom gift baskets are available.
• Gummi Boutique in Kensington, 205 – 10 St. NW, 587-353-0031, gummiboutique.com, maps and reviews
• Gummi Boutique in Glamorgan, 2 – 3919 Richmond Rd. SW, 403-457-4864, gummiboutique.com, maps and reviews

#6 Mountain Equipment Co-op
Avid outdoorsmen love their gear almost as much as they love their families—Mountain Equipment Co-op has everything he could possibly need for hiking, biking, camping, skiing, climbing, kayaking, swimming and keeping up with his kids.
• Mountain Equipment Co-op, 830 – 10 Ave. SW, 403-269-2420, mec.ca
• Maps and reviews

#5 Melodiya Records
Fathers tend to have a finely honed sense of nostalgia for the good ol’ days. Indulge his cravings for yesteryear at Melodiya Records with Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen albums on vinyl—the way music is meant to be played!
• Melodiya Records, 2523 – 17 Ave. SW, 403-246-8916, melodiyarecords.ca
• Maps and reviews

Fratello's Analog Café: sure to impress coffee-loving dads. Photo: Jenni O'Nyons.

Fratello’s Analog Café: sure to impress coffee-loving dads (Photo: Jenni O’Nyons)

#4 Fratello Coffe
For the father who can detect the difference between instant coffee crystals and freshly ground beans with a single whiff, skip the coffee mug and go for the good stuff at Fratello Coffee Roasters, which carries the brewing equipment and beans needed to create the perfect cuppa joe.
• Fratello Coffee at Calgary Farmer’s Market, Fratello Analog Café, 510 – 77 Ave. SE, 403-265-2112, fratellocoffee.com, maps and reviews
• Analog Coffee, 17th Ave, 740 – 17 Ave. SW, 403-265-2112, fratellocoffee.com, maps and reviews

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#3 Barbecues Galore
For the dad who thinks the only real way to cook is over an open flame, head to Barbecues Galore for a vast selection of outdoor cooking tools, from grills and smokers to campfire waffle irons.
• Barbecues Galore in Calgary North, 3505 Edmonton Tr. NE, 403-250-1558, barbecuesgalore.ca, maps and reviews
• Barbecues Galore in Calgary South: 5875 – 9 St. SE, 403-258-4440, barbecuesgalore.ca,
maps and reviews

#2 Lee Valley
Some dads would just rather stay home, thank you very much. If he feels there’s nothing better than puttering around the house and yard, check out Lee Valley for the best woodworking and gardening tools available, many of them made in-house.
• Lee Valley, 7261 – 11 St. SE, 403-253-2066, leevalley.com
• Maps and reviews

#1 Hanson’s Fishing Outfitters
If dad loves fishing, or needs a new satchel, visit Hanson’s Fishing Outfitters—a unique Calgary outdoor retailer. This family-run boutique features a central downtown location and carries everything from fly-fishing supplies and hunting knives to fashionable (and durable) products like Pendleton wool blankets and Filson totebags and luggage.
• Hanson’s Fishing Outfitters, 813 – 1 St SW, 403-269-9371, hansons-outfitters.com
• Maps and reviews

– Rachael Frey

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