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5 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Heights

1. The Glass Floor
Stepping onto the Calgary Tower’s glass-panel floor 160 metres (525 feet) off the ground feels like you’re suspended in mid-air—especially because of the glass wall cut right into the side of the building. Stare straight down into traffic, or take in the city’s skyline view. No need to worry about falling; the glass is strong enough to hold six elephants.

2. Hot-Air and Prairie Skies
Imagine seeing a beautiful prairie sunrise 305 metres (1,000 feet) off the ground. Rainbow Balloons has been running hot air balloon rides in Calgary for nearly 30 years, and offers the chance to see the city and surrounding mountains and foothills from a new perspective. 7136R Fisher St SE, 259-3154.

3. Terminal Velocity
Get ready to feel your stomach drop as you plummet 12 metres (40 feet) to the ground. Calaway Park’s new “Free Fallin’” is an open-air ride, so even though you’re strapped in by the shoulders, you’ll still feel the rush of wind as you fall.

4. The Zip Line
At this new attraction at Canada Olympic Park, you can take a two-part, 500 metre-long journey down a cable wire from the top of the Olympic ski jump tower to the base of the hill. Riders strap into a harness and zip down a drop of more than 100 metres, at speeds of up to 140 km/h.

5. Olympic-Sized Dive
Hurtling towards a tank of water takes an extra few stomach-churning seconds at the Talisman Centre. The 10 metres (33 feet) diving platform is the same height used in the summer Olympics, but you don’t need to be a professional athlete to give it a go. There are also 8 metre and 6 metre boards, for those are looking for a less intense experience.

*note: Some attractions may be seasonal, please call ahead.—Laura Pellerine and Sally MacKinnon

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