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5 Unusual Food Pairings

If you’re the kind of person who has tried it all when it comes to food, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled a list of unique and tasty culinary concoctions that are sure to satisfy an adventurous appetite.

1 Lobster Mac ‘N’ Cheese
The Metropolitan Grill

This signature dish is a decadent twist on an old favourite. The blend of thick chunks of fresh East Coast lobster with savoury, smoked Gruyère cheese on a bed of cavatappi noodles will satisfy even the most traditional holdover and is a welcome comfort dish.

2 Mochi Ice Cream

Picture an ice cream core surrounded by pulverized sticky rice. While it may sound simple, the outer dough is made with traditional rice cake that has been steamed and pounded into a sticky dough, and then filled with a variety of ice cream flavours like green tea, red bean and black sesame. The result is a unique dessert to finish any meal.

3 The Sumo Dog
Tubby Dog

The traditional hot dog gets transformed into a Japanese-influenced “sumo dog.” Containing a cacophony of inspired and tasty toppings like wasabi, pickled ginger and lightly toasted sesame seeds under a bed of Japanese mayo, this spicy dog packs a wallop of heat and taste. 1022 – 17 Ave SW.

4 Thai Bagel
Kaffa Coffee and Salsa House

Invented by a staff member at this cozy coffee shop in Marda Loop, the Thai bagel comes with peanut butter and a mild, homemade zucchini salsa on the side. The sweet, tomato-based salsa pairs well with the rich, creamy peanut butter.

5 Chocolate Garlic
Antonio’s Garlic Clove

If garlic is your vice, Antonio’s Garlic Clove offers the outrageous chocolate garlic on the side of every dessert ordered. A single clove of garlic is slow roasted to perfection and then dipped in decadent dark chocolate. The chocolate hardens and creates a delicious outer layer that complements the warm, gooey garlic underneath.—Richard Saad

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