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Pop-Up Art


“J.J. Audubon and the Esquimaux Curlew" by Paul Morstad

“J.J. Audubon and the Esquimaux Curlew” by Paul Morstad

April 25

Introductions may be in order at Everyone I’ve Never Known: An Exhibition of Miniature Works. This pop-up at The Burrard Hotel is one day only, and features a range of thought-provoking works by touring artist collective Phantoms in the Front Yard. Twice a year, the collective chooses a theme to explore, such as this month’s topic: the people we haven’t met and their impact on us. Take in intriguing pieces such as Paul Morstad’s watercolour-on-paper “J.J. Audubon and the Esquimaux Curlew” (pictured). Trust us: this is art that you’ll want to get to know better.

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